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Cleaning up, Pt. 2

Fun housecleaning…with whisky My confession…I hate housecleaning. I don’t mind cooking (obviously), doing laundry (as long as I can get through it in one day), and ironing (“iron” is a four-letter word, according to my Mother-in-Law). But housecleaning? No, thanks. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind cleaning (and we have a small… [ Read More ]

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Doing Improv

Will he or won’t he? I had a craving…one that could only be filled with chocolate pudding. There wasn’t any question about whether I’d use the boxed kind (perish the thought!). No…good, rich, Double Dark Chocolate Pudding is what I wanted, so I headed to the kitchen to gather the ingredients. Sugar…check. Dark chocolate cocoa powder…yup.… [ Read More ]